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After watching how mesmerized she was while filling in the images with her newly sharpened pencils, I decided I wanted to color as well. Although the images I colored werent exactly inspirational to me, I enjoyed the experience overall. The next day, I decided I wanted to get my own coloring book with a new set of colored pens. I bought a book full of pictures of mandalas (a circle with complex designs in it). The designs were beautiful and I could imagine them once I filled them with color.

Portability: Such products have to be portable. Whenever you get the time, you can do this activity. To your surprise, there are many people that carry these books to their offices as well, so that they can use them or do a little bit of coloring whenever they are on tea or coffee breaks. It helps them relax their office stress. Available in various colors: From black to white, from peach to pink, there are different shades in which the portable books are available. Once you go through the entire gallery, you can select the best one for yourself from the list. Right when such a thing is delivered to you, the activity can be started whenever you are ready.

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