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Coloring is a great way to bond. Ask your friends over for some wine, cheese and coloring. Perhaps at first they might look at you with skeptical eyes and doubt; but hand over a fresh sheet of paper, some vibrant or glitter colored pens and in just minutes you will not be able to pry those colors out of their fingers. Soon you will be visiting easily, looking over at each-others masterpieces from time to time to admire their selection of colors. You will begin to feel like you have time-traveled back into grade 2 and you do not really want to leave. Coloring is freeing and has no expectations. The beautiful thing about this craft is that there is no pressure to finish, to use a certain color or even to stay in the lines!!! There is absolute freedom involved in those precious hours where you just get to color.

When you sit with your child and see him coloring on a book, you feel completely relaxed. Colors are all that you need to relieve your anxiety, depression and even stress. There is a sudden change in the mood of an individual, when he exposes himself to different shades of different colors. One look at red, purple and green shades and you are emotionally out of all the problems in your life.

On, for example, dolls of every shape and size are available for children to play with and create, and then favorites are created into coloring pages. When dolls and coloring pages are complete, there are still interesting articles to read, personalities about the dolls to create, contests to take part in, and even forums and chats to visit to get to know other doll and coloring enthusiasts.

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