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:Owl Coloring Pages Owl Coloring Pages Awesome Artist Między Kreskami
Owl Coloring Pages How to Pin by Dena Wooldridge On Olivia S Owl Party

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Coloring in pages that are specific for coloring. I have found a few websites that have pages to color that are downloadable. You can also try a resource store for teachers. These specific pages for coloring are pictures or drawings of a variety of design that you alone enjoy. You can make your own coloring book with these pages. After coloring the designs you can write your own narrative about how you feel. Write how the design itself and the colors you used relieved your stress. You can even write a short story about the design if you like, this is your project and it is for your eyes only.

The art of coloring is a simple joy. All you need is a coloring book and your choice of tools. From here you can immerse yourself fully into the craft without agonizing about what to make, how to read the pattern, and how will it turn out? Coloring is a a form of meditation. There is something truly hypnotizing that happens with you sit down with a fresh box of pencil crayons, choose the color that jumps out at you and begin your journey into the page. Time loses its grip on the mind and enables the color-er to become present in the moment, in the line and in the color gliding onto the paper.

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