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Coloring in is one of the main starting points of creativity in children. Being able to expressed ones self with a piece of paper and colored pencils or crayons is a great thing to be able to do and remember, it leads onto being able to learn other brand new skills. Quick tip! If your child has difficulty holding a colored pencil then try them with crayons first. Crayons are easier to hold because they are larger and softer. But as your childs skills and abilities progress they will prefer the greater accuracy of using colored pencils.

Adult coloring books are all the buzz of late. It is clear that it revolves around colored pencils or crayons and coloring pages. But, it is just coloring, right? How can something like staying within the lines be a benefit to me? I grew up during the time of doodle art - remember those? You got a pack of felt markers and elaborate black line drawings on a number of themes. I would spend hours coloring these in! Little did I know then that coloring pages were a benefit to my well-being.

I was 20 years old when my love affair with coloring was re-ignited. Just about to fly home on a 14 hour flight from New Zealand, I was in the airport book store looking for a magazine to pass some hours when my eye was caught by an intriguing looking coloring book. I thought to myself: 14 hour flight....why not try coloring? Armed with a box of pencil crayons and not really expecting my interest to last long, I fastened my seat belt as the plane began its take-off. Thinking full well that the coloring would only last a few minutes before I was lured into the mega-selection of in-flight movies, I was curiously surprised when 30 minutes passed...then an hour...and then 2 hours and I had not even checkout out the movie selection! I had finished my first page in my brand new coloring book and still had 12 hours of flying time left. The rest of the flight passed quickly and gloriously. My love for coloring has only deepened, and here are the reasons why.

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