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Coloring in a Coloring Book. You can buy a coloring book in any grocery store just look in the childrens department. Some coloring books incorporate puzzles and other activities. Buy a box of crayons with lots of colors as you can really express yourself. The stress reducing part of this plan is that you choose a picture or activity that feels good to you, something you can focus your mind on. This focusing will redirect your thoughts to less stressed thoughts. The colors you choose do not have to be appropriate to the theme of the picture if you so desire. The idea here is to feel creative, to slow down and release your feelings in your coloring activity.

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Coloring in pages that are specific for coloring. I have found a few websites that have pages to color that are downloadable. You can also try a resource store for teachers. These specific pages for coloring are pictures or drawings of a variety of design that you alone enjoy. You can make your own coloring book with these pages. After coloring the designs you can write your own narrative about how you feel. Write how the design itself and the colors you used relieved your stress. You can even write a short story about the design if you like, this is your project and it is for your eyes only.

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