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Have you ever sat back and really thought about how much fun you really do have when you are sitting down coloring with your kids? If you are like most adults you might simply shrug it off and not really pay that much attention to this; yet there quite a few adults that really embrace that creative side and decide to express it by drawing or painting as either a hobby or a profession. If you are one of the really creative people you are likely to take that next step and simply make your creative passions work for you. This is something that many people really never give that much thought to as kids; or maybe those kids that became well known artists always knew that they wanted to share their creativity with the world. It is kind of amazing when you really think about the fact that just sitting there coloring either by yourself or with your kids really can make a big difference in your life.

Well, apparently they were back then and still are today for people of all ages. People are making the adult coloring books bestsellers on Amazon! At the time of this writing, eight of the top twenty books on the bestsellers list, are coloring books for adults. There must be something behind this recent growth in interest.

Coloring in a Doodle Book. You can do this very effectively by getting an artists sketch pad. This is a pad of blank sheets of paper used by artists to plan their paintings or creative work on, much like a writers rough draft. Once you have your pad, take a pencil and start to doodle. Make lines, circles, shapes, what ever at the time makes you feel good. Then color in the spaces within the doodles. Even if you think you are not a very creative person you will feel productive and relaxed after a few doodle your noodle calming sessions.

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