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So weve identified that every new skill that we learn requires a step-by-step approach. Youll notice that even coloring in can be broken down in smaller steps in terms of the stages of the development of this type of skill. A child will begin by simple learning how to pick up and hold a crayon or colored pencil. Then they will learn how to apply the color onto the paper. Youll notice that your child goes over the lines of the outlined drawing at first but dont worry, this is only natural. Your child will soon learn how to color within the outlined areas. You should encourage your child to select different colors for different parts of the drawing.

Additionally by informing the hotel that you are traveling with small children, many downtown and airport properties will offer complimentary cribs, playpens, high chairs, and in some cases upgrades to larger rooms for additional space and free or discount meals. Family vacations create lasting memories for years to come, and the ability to spend time with our children while they are young is invaluable. Ensure your travels are stress free so you can spend the days enjoying your time together without the added hassles.

So why the fascination, and how can they help you? In the most basic sense, the act of applying colored media to intricate line drawings is a benefit to relaxation and stress reduction. You are able to put the outside world aside for the moment and focus on the art of coloring singularly. Studies have shows that anxiety levels dropped in adults that colored. They did note that simple doodling had no affect on anxiety. The focus on coloring and switching off the brain allows that blocking of anxiety in the moment. Coloring does not have a need for complicated thought processes and like listening to calming music, you are able to get within yourself, isolated from external anxiety, commotion, and distractions.

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