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When I was a child I just loved to draw and paint but, as I remember, before I even could begin to draw accurately I used to color in. The next stage was to learn to draw using stencils and then I graduated to be able to draw freehand which provided me with an absolutely fantastic sense of achievement. I went on to love drawing but the point I am trying to make is that it all started with the simple yet effective art of coloring in!

So weve identified that every new skill that we learn requires a step-by-step approach. Youll notice that even coloring in can be broken down in smaller steps in terms of the stages of the development of this type of skill. A child will begin by simple learning how to pick up and hold a crayon or colored pencil. Then they will learn how to apply the color onto the paper. Youll notice that your child goes over the lines of the outlined drawing at first but dont worry, this is only natural. Your child will soon learn how to color within the outlined areas. You should encourage your child to select different colors for different parts of the drawing.

The themes of adult coloring books are usually intricate and centered more around adult images, not your childhood counterparts that included bunnies, super heroes, and farm animals. You would expect to see geometric patterns, psychedelic patterns reminiscent of doodle art type pages, fantasy images including angels, dragons, goddesses and mermaids, and ancient designs of religious and spiritual nature.

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