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When I was a child I just loved to draw and paint but, as I remember, before I even could begin to draw accurately I used to color in. The next stage was to learn to draw using stencils and then I graduated to be able to draw freehand which provided me with an absolutely fantastic sense of achievement. I went on to love drawing but the point I am trying to make is that it all started with the simple yet effective art of coloring in!

This will help them to not only recognize different colors but to also learn the names of the different colors. Developing these skills will help in later development too as your child begins to learn to read and write. He or she can then learn how to write the names of all of the different colors. You see learning is progressive and incremental - it happens in stages. Step-by-step as I have described. This is the true beauty of learning...the more that your child puts in, the more they will get out of learning. As their knowledge grows, so will their interest in a range of different subjects.

One great family bonding that I can suggest for a family who has a small child with them is coloring books. The majority of the children love to paint and color pictures that are create to serve with that purpose. As parents, you can give them a hand in accomplishing this task. Why not give them a portion of your valuable time so that you wont give them reason to be revolted with you for acting the part of being their parents? I, myself adore coloring books. I can envision how my mother and I will try to color pages. She would teach me how to color pictures and what hue should I apply to a certain part of the image. Green for the leaves and red for the petals.... I can still remember the exact picture that we always trace and color.

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